(Click here for GitHub repository & installation instructions)

Hack-A-Day is a great website, but as with many sites the comment section can be a sad place. Despite valliant efforts to improve it, it can be pretty ruthless especially if your development platform of choice is an Arduino.

To help combat this flow of negative vibes SickSad bring you the Hack-A-Day AntiDuino. A browser plugin and antitode for anyone sick of Arduinos. With three availble operating modes the AntiDuino plugin can tailor Hack-A-Days content to your personal level of Arduino hatred.


See No Evil

This mode replaces all images in posts tagged as “Arduino Hacks” with images of serious buisness people doing serious things. Becuase you are serious, super serious about not wanting to see Arduinos.


Hear No Evil

Arduino, arduino, arduino, arduino. Does just the word itself leave your fingers itching to lay down a scathing comment slamming the obviously noob hackers pathetic attempt at whatever the hell thing they just created? Well back away from the comments section because this mode is for you. Replace the word Arduino with one of your choosing. Recommended options include:

  • “noob-board”
  • “doo-hicky”
  • “thing-a-ma-bob”
  • “manifestation-of-my-own-insecurity”


Speak No Evil

If non of the other options are enough and you’re still feeling a desperate urge to unleash a torrent of anti-Arduino bile in the comments sections, this is the nuclear option. It simply and elegantly removes any post from Hack-A-Day tagged “Arduino Hacks”.



There you go internet, you can stop moaning now. You’re Welcome.